Child Custody & Visitation/Parenting During & After Divorce

Children need parents.  To avoid toxic divorce fall out, children need both their parents  to promote their children’s best interests.  Best is stability, as much as possible, plus continuing, consistent and frequent contact with both mom and dad.

Divorce mediators can help you define the arrangements that will benefit them.  A divorce coach or a child specialist can also assist you to be the most nurturing parents you can even though no longer married.

Long Distance and Local Co-Parenting

Regardless of distance, co-parenting is proven best for children.  Parenting means providing for your child’s needs, giving of your time and attention as well as food, shelter, clothing and such.  Continual communication between parents regarding their children encourages consistency and avoid parental manipulation.  Overcoming distance to stay involved is a matter of what media works, calls, internet, webcam, skype, or a combination.

Move Away: Agreed/Disputed

When the parent with primary custody of children wishes to move away over the objection of the other parent then, whether to allow that move or change custody or visitation  becomes complicated. The analysis begins with the degree of involvement with the children by the parent who objects.

Generally, the more modest that involvement, the less a court sees the children’s move as detrimental to them.  But the court will do whatever is reasonable to promote frequent, consistent and continuing contact and parenting opportunities for the non-moving parent.

Abduction: Prevention/Retrieval

When anyone, including a parent, abducts a child, it may be treated as a felony in California.  Court Orders are obtainable for the return of children, and such orders are entitled to enforcement in the U.S., and countries that are Hague Convention signatories.  On good cause shown, orders prohibiting travel with the children out of the area,  the state, or to surrender passports are also available.

If children are an issue between you and your co-parent, or you want help creating a workable co-parenting plan call on the wisdom and experience of NDA.  Call (949) 752-2727.  Speak directly to an attorney.


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