What is Mediation?

Mediation is a structured settlement process conducted by neutral professionals.  Choose our private divorce mediation team of a family law attorney and a licensed divorce coach.  Court, custody mediation is with a mental health professional only, and offered only if orders regarding custody or visitation of children are in dispute.  The court does not supply mediation otherwise.  The results of private mediation become enforceable agreements and court orders.  However, County, Court mediation results can be disavowed before court.


How Mediation Works

Mediation legally guides couples through conversation.   Both clients identify, clarify, and resolve their divorce raises.   Divorce mediation rests on firm ground rules and in a confidential setting.  Even emotionally charged issues can be talked about safely.  Your mediation team helps you gather and digest the information you need to plan more creative, satisfying solutions than a court can force on you.  And, when parenting agreements and financial plans are client created, the needs of the entire family are more likely satisfied. Mediated divorces foster a higher rate of long-term parental cooperation, and avoid costly returns to court.


Are you or your spouse considering non-combative divorce?

Engaging in mediation may be a reasonable or even the best alternative to a lengthy, costly litigation.  Or a collaborative, professional team approach may be best.  For more on mediation and collaborative approaches to divorce, please visit Then, call (949) 752-2727.