Second Opinion - Settlement Agreement/Reviews/Strategies & Planning

An independent review or a second opinion can further explain and validate your settlement agreement.  Critically important is doing so before you sign it.  You may confirm good decisions, or a second opinion might raise a question to consider further.  There may be negotiations or litigation strategies you can learn from having a second, independent opinion.  Would you like to know more?

Or, if you are not sure about an order of the court, there is a limited period allowed to prepare the court record for appeal, ask for reconsideration, or a new trial.  You need to act promptly.  Call on Newport Divorce Attorney (949) 752-2727 for requests for reconsideration, or new trials, if applicable.



A trial court must be shown to have made a material mistake, one that is both wrong and caused an unfair result in order for an appeals court to order reversal.  Best is to have had well prepared counsel present, evidence, and legal briefings in the trial court. Newport Divorce Attorney does prosecute appeals, and successfully so, included in the California Supreme Court.

For all of these legal needs, call on NDA.  Put trusted experience on your side.  (949) 752-2727